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We welcome you to the beginning of our new web site. We hope to make this web site a vehicle of information for the membership and all retired Hartford firefighters and their families.

Since 1994 we have organized to help our membership and our families understand what is life, after the fire department. We hope this web site will help in a better understanding of what lies ahead? This is just the beginning and we are hoping to make this web site a rallying point for our membership and families.

We hope to link you with other retired Firefighter web sites from all over the United States and world in a common interest that our brotherhood didn’t end at the doors of the firehouse red doors the last day we decide to go through the firehouse red doors, and the tone rings, and you are “OFF THE LINE”!


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The big bell on the wall struck with a bang! Oh so loud, I jumped from my slumber, my

head in a cloud.We stood by the apparatus and listened to the sound, The fast time tape

was wrapping my heart began to pound. Off we flew not knowing any more, Could this be

a false or a fire of lore? Three a.m., it was freezing this very night. A building spitting flames

 a terrible sight. To work we went, with no radios at all, We knew what to do, hot ashes

beginning to fall. When the work was finished we stopped for a break, The buggers and

running nose was real, make no mistake. We got back to the fire house and it was inviting

and warm,Thank God we weren’t in the middle of an incredible snow storm. In spite of the

hour we changed out the hose plus cleaned our tools,We prepared for the next one – we

would not be taken for fools. Our adrenaline was still pumping – so no time for bed, To the

kitchen we go to, talking about the fire instead. The day shift came in and we were through

for the night, Happily going home to our loved ones, we squeeze on sight.


The room is filled with eighteen voices all talking very loud. The noise is deafening, you’d

think It was a bigger crowd. The air horn and sirens have done their damage, We all share

hearing loss as we try to manage. The men in the room were once vibrant and

strong, They battled many fires knowing arson is wrong. Tonight the conversations are

happy and free, Currently we discuss how much we have to pee. The fires remembered

may have grown just a bit,  Embellishing some, well, it just seems fit. For those were the

days and these men were bold, Tonight they’re aged and tired, but absolutely worth their

weight in GOLD!

Poems by –  George T. Camarco